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Please know that I’m just a reply away if you have any concerns about payroll in QBO. I have just spent 1 1/2 hours on the phone with a QBO Payroll “Specialist” who had no idea how to fix this issue. Since QBO has many many non profits one would think that they would make this an easy fix.

It contains detailed instructions about correcting payroll liabilities within the product. There are several reasons why it’s showing up in your liabilities. I suggest you run a payroll summary report to understand what initiated the alert to show up on your end.


First two tech experts had been completely useless and I wasted few hours of my time. Also, she was not able to delete some payroll adjustments that were created by improperly setup of WA WC rates. The same promise I received from another tech support agent that I talked last week. I am wondering when QBO will allow users to do their accounting job properly..

If you’re unsure about any adjustments or need further guidance, consult with a professional bookkeeper, accountant, or payroll specialist. In QuickBooks Desktop Payroll you can set up and pay your  liabilities, such as health insurance or payroll taxes, in the Pay Liabilities window. Sometimes, even though you have paid them, the liabilities may appear overdue or red. There are several reasons this may occur, read below to find out how to fix them.

  • When payroll is processed on April 5, cash is reduced by $3,000 and wages payable is decreased by $3,000.
  • By following either option, you will be able to make the necessary adjustments to your payroll liabilities in QuickBooks Online.
  • Sometimes, even though you have paid them, the liabilities may appear overdue or red.
  • Companies that have Assisted Payroll should submit and send a zero payroll so that the changes are transmitted to payroll service.
  • The matching concept presents a more accurate picture of company profit.

You can use a liability adjustment to cancel or remove the overdue amount from the Liabilities section. Before you start, please create a back up to ensure you can restore the data anytime you want to undo the changes. I show an “Overdue” liability for Q and a balance of $0.75. (I believe this alert started showing up this year.) The liability account balance is actually zero.

Option 2: Adjusting Liabilities Through the Chart of Accounts

Maybe, it will be reasonable to let users determine tax rate for FUTA as it is designed in desktop version. In this article, we will guide you through the steps to adjust payroll liabilities in QuickBooks Online, providing you with two options to choose from. Whether you prefer using the Payroll Center or the Chart of Accounts, both methods offer a straightforward approach to making adjustments. When managing payroll in QuickBooks Online, it is important to ensure that payroll liabilities are accurately recorded.

Payroll Liability Balance discrepancy

Also, our Help articles might have something that can help you with your QuickBooks concerns, too. Just make sure that the topic is set as “QuickBooks Online Payroll” to browse for related posts. Following the steps given above will help you fix your problem for good. I have followed these instructions and these are still showing up in liabilities to be paid.

And I agree, when you do get on the line with someone, 85% of the time you know more than they do. When all the steps given above are completed, you can make the liability adjustment in QuickBooks Online without any trouble. The steps provided by my colleagues are how to address a scenario if payments were never recorded in QuickBooks. In the Delete process, select the file, lists, or transactions you want to delete, then apply the filters on the file and then click on the Delete option. Dancing Numbers helps small businesses, entrepreneurs, and CPAs to do smart transferring of data to and from QuickBooks Desktop. Utilize import, export, and delete services of Dancing Numbers software.

Payroll service costs

Let’s learn more about the importance of adjusting payroll in QuickBooks Online. If you’re still having issues with these liabilities after trying the recommendations from my colleague, then I suggest contacting our Customer Support Team. They’ll be able to do a screen share to review your account to see why this keeps happening. To clarify, payments for prior quarters are entered as a lump sum, while for the current quarter are entered as per payroll. If you use QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Assisted, contact us if you need to make an adjustment for a previously filed tax form or payment.

Things To Do Before You Adjust Payroll Liabilities in QuickBooks

Ensure to review their support hours to know when agents are available. If the Period dates cross from one year to the next, you may also need to edit the paid through dates to be within the year the pay checks are dated. The tech support is mostly useless and do not know how to unscramble the poor development of QBO software. I’m sure you understand that in this forum we have to be careful to protect your account information and all our customer’s account details. We already submitted a formal complaint to our Payroll Team. They will verify all the details of your concern to give you the best option to resolve your concern and reach out in the coming days for more information.

How to Reduce the Payroll Liabilities?

With a journal entry, you can add transactions which you are not allowed to make anywhere in your accounting software. Not to mention, you can also edit the wrong data in your records. Now that we know what payroll liabilities are, we must understand the need to adjust the payroll liability.

He or she then inserts the appropriate amount for the adjustment. The business owner then clicks on “Accounts Affected.” He or she should then choose whether the adjustment should affect other accounts or not. Also, we suggest you work with an financial vs managerial accounting accountant while making the adjustments. It helps ensure that your books will be accurate and error-free. Just to confirm, we dont use QBs payroll service; but the automatic journal calculated through Gusto is causing the payroll liability.

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