20+ Up-to-date Affiliate Marketing Statistics for 2023

However, it also presents an opportunity for brands to leverage affiliate marketing and connect with potential customers across diverse content and platforms. “Savvy affiliate marketers should be collaborating with B2B influencers who prioritize audience engagement. B2B influencers are typically experts in their respective fields who have highly authentic and loyal audiences. This could be a consultant, an analyst, a journalist, an author, or a speaker,” Tim says. The trend is spilling into affiliate marketing, too, with more affiliate marketers focusing on campaigns aimed at specific events or seasons. STM Forum is a popular online community of affiliate marketers that requires a paid membership.

affiliate marketing industry report

PayScale has observed that entry-level pay for online affiliate marketing managers has dropped 21% recently, with early career salaries 8% lower. However, mid and late-career Online Affiliate Marketing Managers are now seeing pay raises of up to 19%. In the same research, but only taking into account active publishers, C.J. Awin takes the second spot with a 10.2% market share, while Rakuten ranks third with 5.0%. As an entrepreneur or business owner, you’d want your brand to reach a wider audience and meet its sales targets.

Due to this, around 39% of shoppers will buy a product faster than expected because they have a coupon for it. Also, 39% of shoppers claim to have bought from brands they don’t like because of coupons. If you are a business owner or a digital marketer, knowing some facts and statistics about this trade will help you achieve better results. Affiliate marketing has gradually gained traction from the early 2000s to date. This is because more businesses use this marketing tactic to create more awareness for their brand. The percentage might seem insignificant but if you compare it to the rates of other marketing techniques, the number is quite solid.

Before choosing a program to work with, top affiliate marketers consider many factors. Affiliate marketing industry statistics show that service and product relevance is the first thing marketers like to consider. The reputation of the affiliate marketing program influences their decision with 15.97%, the tracking platform with 11.58%, while merchant reputation has a 10.14% impact on the final decision. A whopping 94% of publishers join 2 or more affiliate programs, while 39% and 20% of publishers use 3 or more and 5 affiliate marketing programs, respectively. Online Affiliate Marketing Managers manage online affiliate marketing programs for their organization. Their responsibilities typically include conducting research and creating programs, and managing existing campaigns to ensure they increase company profits and customer loyalty.

This is to help firms strategize and capitalize on any forthcoming growth opportunities. The study gives useful information on the Affiliate Major’s market features. With this influx of new partnerships, I believe the industry has become better at measuring and rewarding their affiliates accordingly.

Content creators want to know how to make money through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the most important customer acquisition channel for 20% of brand marketers. If you already have a successful website, affiliate marketing can help you make money by doing a lot of the same stuff you were already doing. Some affiliate programs require you to have a high-traffic website or influence in your field to become an affiliate. The same survey reported that 87% of influencers have posted paid content for brands while 70% have posted unpaid content.

This is supported by statistics from Business Insider that reveal that about 74% of online shoppers visit non-retail sites before they purchase their desired products. It further revealed that US-based shoppers already intending to buy a product will still visit at least two or three non-retail sites before making their purchase. In addition, about 16% of US-based shoppers admit to visiting more than four websites. As a business owner, a part of your goals would include getting your brand to reach a wider audience and meet your sales targets. However, achieving these goals would require a lot of time, resources, and effort.

Typically, commissions range from a minimum of $3 to $200 or 1% to as high as 60% per sale, depending on the affiliate program and niche. However, there are affiliate marketers that earn a thousand dollars from a sale. Startup brands and small businesses that don’t have a huge marketing budget can use affiliate marketing to get their products and services closer to consumers.

  • However, developing marketing strategies to support your affiliate marketing business is a must, and a great strategy is always backed by data-driven affiliate marketing statistics.
  • B2C sales are the most common, accounting for 59.32%, and the majority of affiliate marketers use B2C programs to promote items.
  • Coming in a close second is sports and outdoors with 18 percent, followed by health and beauty with 14 percent.
  • Here are some of the more important factors to consider when choosing the best affiliate programs for you and your audience.

A few years ago, eCommerce stores tended to be complex and expensive, requiring a custom website. Nowadays there are eCommerce website builders that very much simplify the process. When you look https://www.xcritical.in/ at sectors from a high level, Retail is the affiliate niche with the highest revenue percentage (44%). This is followed by Telecom and Media (25%), Travel and Leisure (16%), and others (15%).

affiliate marketing industry report

The industry experienced a growth rate of 209.72% year over year between 2021 and 2022. Influencer Marketing Hub’s research revealed that 44% of all affiliate revenue is generated by the retail sector. Over 900,000 marketers have joined this program, putting ShareASale in second with over 700,000 members. There are several analyzing affiliate statistics tools that can help you spot trends (like BuzzSumo), but your best bet is to get to know your target audience. You can even ask them what products they’d like to see you review or talk about and go from there. Become intimately familiar with your analytics and use those analytics to inform your marketing and promotion.

This is a great time to build your following and start earning money through affiliate marketing. The difference is that ecommerce involves selling your own products, while affiliate marketing involves selling someone else’s. 31% of publishers say that affiliate marketing is one of their top three sources of revenue. You can become an affiliate marketer without any special knowledge or skills. Just try different ways of promoting affiliate products and see what works.

The United Kingdom comes in second with 15%, followed by Germany with 11%. The average affiliate marketing earnings of a marketer in the United States is around $50,000 annually. The annual growth rate of affiliate marketing is predicted to be over 10%. Reports from One More Cup of Coffee reveal that eBay has one of the largest affiliate commission rates. Affiliate marketers can earn as high as 50% to 70% profit on the products they market.

BuiltWith found there to be 52,190 affiliate sites within the top 1 million websites overall, of which 9,159 are in the top 100,000 and 1,623 in the top 10,000 sites by traffic. Publishers act as the connection point between advertisers and their audiences and generally keep on top of recent consumer trends. According to PayScale, the average base salary for an Online Affiliate Marketing Manager is $61,748, not including benefits, bonuses, profit sharing, or commissions. Payscale reports that the average salary for an Online Affiliate Marketing Manager is $56,795.

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